Firestarter Gift Box

This is my “go to” gift this holiday season. It’s so easy and inexpensive to put together. To create your own Firestarter Gift Box you’ll need:

Paper mache house box
1 sheet of vellum
Double sided tape or craft glue
Battery operated votive candle
1 or 2 wax dipped pine cones (directions follow)
Cello bags and ribbon
Jar of matches (an idea I stole from Etsy-directions follow)

How to make a Firestarter Gift Box:

Cut vellum to fit inside the paper mache box to create “glass” for the windows. Tuck a battery operated candle inside. (Turn it on just before giving to the recipient) Add a couple wax dipped pine cones in cello bags tied with ribbon and a jar of marches.

How to make Wax dipped pine cones:

Wax-dipped pine cones make a great handmade holiday gift. If you’re lucky enough to have pine cones in your yard they cost next to nothing. If you have to buy a bag of pine cones, they’re still a really inexpensive holiday craft.

You can add color (add broken crayons to the wax ) or scent (use essential oils) or turn the pine cones into fire starters by adding a wick and a wax base.

Dip pine cones in paraffin (I like to dip them 2-3 times for best coverage) and let them set up. Meanwhile, spray cupcake pans lightly with cooking spray and pour melted paraffin into each opening. Insert a short wick. and then place the dipped pine cones on top each paraffin filled cups. Let them set up firmly before removing them from the pan and wrapping in cello bags for a perfect small holiday gift.

How to make a Jar of Matches:

You’ll need:
Heavy duty carpet tape
1 box Diamond Green Light Matches (available at grocery stores)
1 decorative glass bottle

Cut the striker strip off the box of matches. Cut a small square from the strip and affix it to the bottom of the bottle with heavy duty carpet tape.

Turn the bottle on its side and slowly and deliberately insert the matches, tip end up. (Note: Occasionally one will get turned around. You can fish it out with tweezers) It may take a couple trys before you get the hang of inserting the matches.

Seal with a cork.


Pour  2 cups of water into medium sauce pan. Place  paraffin in the coffee can, and the coffee can  in the water. Bring the water to a boil. As the paraffin melts, stir in crayons and/or a few drops of fragrance if using. Melt and stir until completely smooth.

Use tongs to dip the pine cones in wax mixture; dip several times to coat them thoroughly with wax. (Feeling sparkly? You can sprinkle the wax dipped pine cones with a bit of glitter before they're set)

Coat a muffin pan with cooking spray. Pour the remaining melted wax in the muffin pan cups, about 1/3 full. Insert candle wick into each opening. Place a pine cone in each opening. Let stand at room temperature until set and firm.

What's Needed:


Pine Cones
Coffee Can
Paraffin  (available in the canning aisle at the grocery store)
Crayons for color if desired
Essential oils for scent if desired
Candle wicks (available at craft stores)

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