Self-defense tips with Shawnie Haskell

Listen to the interview.

Shawnie Haskell is a 2nd degree black belt and has studied karate for 10 years. She began studying for self defense purposes, and has taught self defense classes for Boone and Kenton County Community Education for the past 6 years. Shawnie was also employed as the primary educator for Women Helping Women of Hamilton County, where she presented an interactive program on prevention of dating violence, domestic violence, rape, and healthy relationships.

1. Always be aware of your surroundings
2. Listen to your instincts
3. Don’t be afraid to cause a scene
4. Remember to breathe–a whistle can help with tips three and four
5. If you must fight, fight for your loved ones. If you are hurt or taken, your friends and family will suffer so fight to keep you with them.


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Best Bedtime Snacks
How to Think Better
Flat Abs Diet

30 Things Every Woman Should Have by 30
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365 Thank Yous

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