BLOWN: Blow Dry Studio tips from Sarah Brown & Jayne Heekin

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Like all great adventures, BLOWN: Blow Dry Studio began as the dream of a couple of women (with lots of hair). After experiencing similar concepts across the country, Sarah Brown and Jayne Heeken knew that they wanted a killer style studio in their hometown, Cincinnati. But having a studio wasn’t enough. This dynamic duo is committed to having a place where people shine as much as the hair. That includes the stylists, our clients, and our community. Their mission is to reveal the true beauty of every guest inside and out.

4 Tips for a great blow out at home

Throw in the towel:  There are two things you should never do with a towel: rub your hair (it causes frizz) or wrap it on top of your head (it flattens roots).
Can’t stand the heat:  Never let a blow-dryer anywhere near your head without misting on a heat-protecting spray first. 
Bang out the bangs first: Then the roots.  With your head flipped over, massage your roots while blasting them with warm air. 
Get tenseWork in two-inch sections, and wrap each one tightly around a brush as you pull it (tightly) through your hair and follow with the nozzle, pointing down the hair shaft.

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